About Us

The Web Hosters.Net has been in the hosting business since 2002 and here is the story how it came about.

When the business was first started, it was under a different domain name called sh33pz.org. At the time, the business was really about delevopment and providing free sub domains of the sh33pz.org domain and of course hosting web sites of local business in the area.

As the business grew, it was decided it was time to start advertising for more web hosting clients. The issue, would people really want to sign up with a hosting provider with a name called sh33pz.org? So we ended up coming up with the name thewebhosters.net! It the name better suited for the business at the time.

Now you may be saying I haven't seen any advertising at all for your company online. The reason for that is, most of our advertising been with a number of web developers we host in our local area. Word of mouth advertising is the best and free.

So now, we are going global and hoping we will get the chance to provide you with a great service!

At this time I would also like to say, thank you for being interested in our products.

Harvey E
Owner of TheWebHosters.Net

TheWebHosters.Net domain was created on (Feb 9th of 2006)
sh33pz.org domain was created on (Sept 18th of 2002)